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Digital Business Health Check

How digital is your business?

Complete this digital health check to find out how well you are doing when it comes to digital technology and transformation.

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Information and Communication Technology


How fast is your business internet connection?

Superfast (more than 30Mbps)


less than 5Mbps

I don't know

I don't connect to the internet

Which of these digital technologies does your business use?

Management software e.g. CRM (Customer relationship management) or management information system online

Data analytics such as Google Analytics

Data/file storage in the cloud (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, etc.)

Mobile internet and technologies

E-commerce (buying from suppliers and/or selling online to customers)

Social Media

I have a website

I bill customers using online software (e.g. Xero, Sage Cloud, Quickbooks, etc.)

Virtual/online meetings

VOIP/Internet telephones

Online collaboration tools (e.g. Troll, Basecamp, Slack, etc.)

Digital procurement (applying for tenders/work online)

Online learning schools/courses

Digital HR tools

If you or your team is on the move, or unable to get into the office, how confident are you that you can continue to work and operate your business offline or whilst travelling with minimal disruption?

Yes, very confident, we can work on the move and we have the technology to support us

To an extent. We can access files in the cloud or emails on my phone but we could utilise mobile technology a bit more

We have email and telephone but we are quite limited

No, we don't use technology 'on the go'

I don't think this is applicable to my type of business

Have you used digital technology in any of the following ways to develop products?

Controlled testing of different products or communications (A/B split testing)

Collecting customer feedback via the website, social media or using an online survey tool (such as Survey Monkey)?

Researching and gathering market data online and analysing competitors online?

Time tracking software to improve productivity

Teleconferencing or online meetings/call software (including using Skype or similar to communicate)

Used apps (on your smartphone) for business

I am looking at how my business can benefit from the Internet of things

I am exploring/applying machine learning in my business (such as bots and automation)

None of these

Which of the following gives you (or your workforce) the biggest headache at work?

Data storage limitations

Out of date digital tech

Slow internet and lack of connectivity

Non-secure access to sensitive information

Unable to work on the go

Unable to work from home and access the company data

None of these

Which of these security and data protection measures do you have in place?

Firewalls in place

Malware protection and internet security on computers

Incident management/business continuity plan

Password policy

Backed up files

Encrypted data

None of these/I don't know

Which of the following steps have you taken towards General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance?

Audit of website data collection

Review of data capture opt-in

Renewed data storage and retention policy

Updated all non-compliant systems

Published a Data Privacy Policy for clients

None of these/I don't know



Do you sell products or services online?

Yes, I sell products on my website and I have an online store

Yes, I sell products on marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay etc

I have an online store using a service such as shopify or marketo

I do not have an online shop for my products but I do have a website and advertise my products on my website and I accept enquiries through my website

No, I am a services business (not selling products) but I do advertise my services on my website and I accept enquiries through my website

I don't sell any product or service online

If you answered yes above, which of the following facilities or services does your website host?

I can accept orders and take card payments via my website

I host customer support forums

I provide online tracking of orders

I have a privacy policy, privacy seal or safety certificate

None of these

Not applicable to my business

Digital & IT Strategy


Does your business have a 'digital & IT strategy' or plan on how to optimise and embed digital and IT technology into the business?

We don't have a separate strategy - we have a business plan that incorporates digital

Yes - we have a separate strategy/plan

I have a plan but it is not written down

No - I don't have a plan for digital

N/A - I don't think it is necessary for my business

I am not sure what a digital strategy/plan will look like

Digital Marketing Strategy


Does your business have a 'digital marketing strategy' that outlines how to optimise and utliise digital marketing tools in the business?

We don't have a separate digital marketing strategy - we have a business plan that incorporates marketing

Yes - we have a separate marketing strategy/plan that incorporates off line and online marketing and social media platforms

I have a plan but it is not written down

No - I don't have a plan for digital marketing

N/A - I don't think it is necessary for my business

I am not sure what a digital strategy/plan will look like

Which of the following ways do you use LinkedIn/Facebook to support your business?

I look for new recruits and contacts

I participate in industry groups and discussions

I post about what my business is doing

I publish opinions and content about my industry

I use Facebook/LinkedIn ads

I don't use LinkedIn/Facebook for my business

Do you use any other social media platforms to do business?








I don't use social media for my business

How effectively do you use SEO to improve the chances of people finding your website?

I constantly monitor and update site content in relation to search terms

I know the key terms and have incorporated them into the site content

I think I know how people search for our site

I roughly know what SEO is but I haven't applied it to the site content

I don't know what SEO is

Digital Marketing Implementation


Which of the following content types have you used within your company?

Interactive content

Webinar (live or recorded)

Product or service videos

Downloadable manuals and guides

Information or newsletter signups

On site blog posts

Social media posts

Simple company and product info

None of the above

How often do you publish new pieces of content/ update the content on your website or social media?


A couple of times a week

A couple of times a month

A couple of times a year


Do you believe you have the skills, experience, capability and capacity in your business to embrace and drive digital transformation?

Yes - we have a highly skilled and capable workforce

Yes - to some extent. We have some staff who are skilled, experienced and competent - but not all

Not sure. We have never assessed this

No - we need help to keep up with the latest in digital technology and would benefit from some help and support

No - but I don't consider it necessary and it is not something I am prioritising in my business

Please tell us what you hope to get out of using digital technology in your business in the near future, or if you have any other digital requirements.


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